開発: John Carothers

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  • 2015-09-23リリース


iFlightLog is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive apps you will find. The simple and elegant layout was designed so that anyone, from a student pilot on their first flight to the most seasoned pilot with decades of experience, could jump right in and begin using the app.

Features of iFlightLog:
- No hidden fees or subscriptions (buy the app once and use it across all your iOS devices forever)
- View a summary of flight time directly on the main page that contains all relevant information for the FAA 8710 as well as 14 CFR 121 flight time limitations (30/7, 100/month, 1000/year)
- Create logbook entries with all of the same fields that are common to paper logbooks
- Signature block on each logbook entry that allows a CFI to sign or make endorsements with the tip of a finger
- Manage your active/inactive aircraft and sort through them by tail number, recently flown, or number of flights
- Keep track of flight reviews and medical certificate expirations
- Monitor your 61.57 currency of landings and approaches
- Conveniently enter all previously accumulated hours for each particular type of aircraft on a single page
- Easy, one-click import of a previous logbook directly from your device* (no need to hassle with third-party accounts to move files around)
- Switch between day and night modes of the app to make it easier on your eyes and save your night vision
- Export the logbook to your email as a TSV file for external use (PDF feature coming soon)
- Backup your logbook to our servers
- Generate custom reports to fit any need (per aircraft, person, etc.)

iFlightLog was built with YOU, the user, in mind. If you ever encounter any problems or would like to request additional features that you would like to see implemented, please feel free to contact us:

*currently applies to exports only; more options on the way



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