Where am I Now - Location, Altitude & Coordinates

開発: Catrnja Dev

  • 価格:600JPY
  • バージョン:1.3
  • 2015-05-30リリース


Are you lost in a big city or maybe in the middle of a forest without having a clue of where you are going?

Don’t fear, this app will help you instantly uncover your current position and help you get in the right direction.

The app is created to be useful no matter your background as you only need to start the app and let it do the work!

Other similar apps on the market that require you to have a technical degree in order to understand its functions!

Some of the features include following:

* Ability to view your coordinates (longitude & latitude)
* Real-time updated position
* Current address
* Altitude
* Social media sharing
* View in satellite or hybrid mode.

Make sure to download it today!