NAO Controller

開発: qishan shi

  • 価格:2400JPY
  • バージョン:3.1
  • 2015-05-06リリース


Any questions,email to, My Twitter:@shiqishan
Perfect support Naoqi1.14 and Naoqi2.1
Plese Note:before using your iPhone or iPad to control Aldebaran’s robot:NAO,you need to download the behavior:"NAOControllerServer"from URL: and using Choregraphe to install and run the behavior on your robot
Operation demo video :

The coolest feature of the application is that you can let multiple robots to perform the same behavior simultaneously,such as five robots dancing at the same time.
* Motion: control robot to move,control robot’s head to move
* Behaviors: start, stop Behaviors,manage default Behaviors,multiple robots synchronization
* TextToSpeech: let robot say text,change his speech language,animated speech,manage common phrases
* Settings: change stiffness,volume,speech language,get battery charge,get CPU Temperature,change AutonomousLife state,reboot or shut down
* Status: automatic access to robots in the same network,can simultaneously select multiple robots to control,show battery charge