弈客围棋 - 尽享棋路人生

開発: 上海弈客信息技术有限公司

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"Chess guest" APP is a new concept based on the idea of Go social networking software, just interested friends can also go through the computer AI and genuine video tutorials easy entry, come join us.
[Fun life and death break] professional players for your selection out of the 5 difficulty, nearly a thousand dead activities, while playing side to improve.
【Features chess experience】 and chess friends enjoy the fun of non-real-time chess, to help you think deeply, to improve the chess force, meet chess friends.
[Concerned about the world competition] onlookers contest live, interact with the professional explanation, access to the current game news and player information.
[Growth certification system] more scientific ELO growth system for you to find a considerable chess game friends, to participate in official certification.
[Chess collection and sharing] personal library function to help you manage, share and export massive chess and question bank.
【Chess game】 Chess friends and clubs can create their own games, a key arrangement, quick start




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