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Drive a race car, build your fire-truck, leap over ramps in your monster truck and chase the cheeky donut-thief in your police car. All the best cars, big trucks and diggers for building, driving and racing.
"My son LOVES this app! He is engaged from start to finish. I love this app because it works on his fine motor skills with puzzle building but also helps him to understand the concept of parts making a whole." iTunes Review

"We love this! You get to build up the trucks with puzzles, then drive them- my kids love seeing themselves driving the fire truck & putting the fire out." iTunes review

Your toddler is right at the center of the action in all the scenes, and you can also choose different faces to star in the games. Want to see Daddy driving a race car? Or Grandma in charge of a digger? Endless giggles guaranteed.

You can get behind the wheel straightaway in this free version, which comes with the Firetruck puzzle and driving game, and full customization options. Unlock all 7 puzzles and mini games with a single in-app purchase, which is behind a parent lock.

Fun features - and sshhh, educational too :)
• Shape puzzles to build your cars, big trucks, and construction vehicles
• Starring your toddler, or Daddy, Grandma, family pet…
• Seven favorite vehicles to play with - Monster Truck, FireTruck, Police Car, Race Car, Digger, Dozer and Camper
• Imaginative role play - be a fire-fighter, a construction worker, a racing driver, a cop & more
• Mini games to play after every puzzle - dig up gold in your Digger, flatten rubble in your Dozer, race to put out the fire, leap over ramps in your monster truck, munch on a yummy picnic in your camper, and who'll reach the finish line first in the car race?
• Perfect to play on your own road trips
• Great for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5   
• A single in-app purchase behind a parent lock
• No third-party advertising, so you and your child are free to discover without interruptions

OkiPlay is a family games studio, devoted to learning and play. Our preschool apps are loved & trusted by parents, teachers and children all over the world. That makes us very happy.
Here are some of the lovely things parents, grandparents and teachers have written about OkiPlay apps:

* "Lovely for personalization and engaging children." Literacy Trust Best Apps
* "As a speech therapy assistant, this is my favorite app! It's so awesome to personalize the game with their own face, and add different hats and hair."
* "I am an SLP working with 3-5 year olds. This interactive game really keeps their attention. They are very engaged and love being a part of the game. I love all the speech and language opportunities."
* "All excellent apps... they are very interactive and it's brilliant how you can choose different family members to feature in them."
* "Absolutely gorgeous - both our children were totally captivated by this app ...the personalization feature is fantastic, and the graphics are charming."
* "My daughter squeals with delight at the sound of the app opening. She has a blast while developing her fine motor skills."
* "Thank you so much for creating something so adorable and educational for little ones."




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