P-Cog (Philadelphia Cognitive Exam)

開発: David Weisman

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  • 2014-09-12リリース


The Philadelphia cognitive assessment (P-Cog)  is a four minute clinical cognitive test and expert screening system to diagnose and detect dementia. The test can be administered in a clinician’s office and billed under CPT code 96120. Validated for the detection of dementia, the 30 question test assesses verbal and visual memory, language, logic, frontal executive, math, and visual spatial domains.

The test is followed by a score-specific impression and expert system.  This system records confounders and proposes plan options, which can be printed and scanned into electronic medical records.

The P-Cog generates a medical report which satisfies CPT code 96120: “neuropsychological testing administered by a computer with qualified health care professional interpretation and report.”

10% of the proceeds will be donated to Alzheimer's research.



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