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PocketDr is the must-have app for all junior doctors with on-call responsibilities.

It is an aide-memoire for the things you know - but may not recall quickly in the dead of night with constant bleeps and distractions.

Succinct. Pre-digested info. When you need it.

Contents include:

- Checklists for assessment of the deteriorating patient. Be prepared for any NEWS call: Hypoxia, Tachycardia, Hypotension, low GCS.

- Checklists for management of 21 acute medical conditions including: ACS, AF, Asthma, Delerium, Hyperkalaemia, Sepsis and Seizures.

- Investigations: Interpret ABGs, blood results, CXR and ECGs quickly and correctly.

- Rational Prescribing: Prescribe the right drug at the right dose: analgesia, antiemetics, electrolytes, sedation and end of life care.

- Scores: Quickly score your patient: GCS, AMTS, CURB-65, Wells (PE), CHA2DS2-VASc to guide your management plan.

- User input notes function for each presentation: customise your PocketDr!

- Up-to-date, evidence-based information, on-hand when you need it.

Readership: Junior doctors with on-call responsibilities, up to junior registrar level. Clinical years medical students.

Authors: Paul Watson, Helen Burt



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