Skater Rater

開発: Skater Rater LLC

  • 価格:1200JPY
  • バージョン:2.5.0
  • 2014-07-17リリース


Skater Rater is an easy to use app to help you navigate IJS and Maximize Technical Score in real time!

Skater Rater is the only easy to use app to incorporate the ISU 2017-2018 Singles Rules and SOV from ISU Communication 1994.

**NEW Skater Rater App with 2018-2019 Rules is Coming Fall 2018** New app purchase will be required for 2018-2019 rules.

Skater Rater is Fun and Easy to Use!

+ Easily enter jump, jump combination, spin, & step sequence elements
+ Enter GOE's
+ Enter falls, under rotate, downgrade, wrong edge, edge alert, s & ss
+ Enter & move program midpoint for 10% bonus
+ Easily edit, move, or delete elements during program
+ Score program in real time
+ Calculate competition technical score in daily practice
+ Save Skater Profiles to view high score, progress & history
+ Email score sheet to skaters, coaches, or parents
+ Upload score to facebook and twitter
+ Export and send score sheet to other Skater Rater users
+ Use Skater Rater Challenge to set goals & track progress
+ Use Quick Judge to calculate a skater’s program without creating a profile
+ Use Base Value Calculator to calculate & compare program base values

For use by skaters, coaches, parents, and fans

Skater Rater is Fun and Easy to Use!



  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング


  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング