Template Set for PowerPoint(Keynote)

開発: jiawei zhang

  • 価格:360JPY
  • バージョン:1.2
  • 2014-06-29リリース


Yes, we have an unprecedented number. A total of 2000 sets of templates.

All the templates are stored in the cloud, so it will not take up so much of your space. At the same time, you can delete the downloaded template.

Excellent keynote template you must have seen, but one-time application has so many good template you have not seen.

After each set of template designers are carefully designed before. You can change their own ideas which fonts, colors, layout and design.

But in fact, we've done quite perfect template, you only need to add the content they want on it, we even different styles with pictures give you a good job, you will feel very convenient to use.

Our templates covering all walks of life, no mess or work you learn here will find the template you want.

If you are business owners, we have a large number of business and professional templates for your reference and use.

If you are a teacher, we have from early childhood to university education templates to make your classroom more colorful.

If you are a salesperson, we have everything from cars to computers as well as clothing and other sectors of templates to help your performance straight up.

Of course, if there are too many. But we just want to say, the quantity and quality of the template, where you will find a template that you want.

We will constantly update and make your spending more valuable.

Thank you.



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