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Travalloon is selected one of the best five apps that Apple defined “must downlaod app before you hit the road”. Just in three months after the launch, Travalloon has been placed as a top-performer in the travel category.


> Mingle
Ask questions to locals and fellow travellers. Share travel tips. Show off your travel experiences!
Don’t forget that you could be a local also when someone posts a question about your hometown.
Help thy visitors, and people will help thee.

> Watch
Watch thousands of travel videos. Search "sunrise", "dolphin", "beer" and you'll get unique travel videos from over thousand cities!

We will eventually fulfil more app books for more diverse cities in more diverse languages. However, we now can only offer travel guide books for travellers who want to visit Korea. Digitalised app-books published by Korean Tourism Office in several different languages are waiting for you! You can simply carry those app books in your smart phone or tablet.

> GO
Select any city you want to visit. You can enjoy follwing items at a glance!
High quality photos of MUST SEE places in the city you want to visit.
Time difference calcuator
World map flapped all the places you have been in the world. You can create your own world map showing where you have been so far.
Realtime weather
Realtime currency
Bigmac index



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