The Photo Cookbook – Barbecue Grilling

開発: ditter.projektagentur GmbH

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  • 2014-05-08リリース


This Photo Cookbook is intended for all barbecuing enthusiasts. It presents classics like "Porterhouse Steak with Chickpea Salad," "Glazed Spare Ribs with Apple-Tomato Ketchup" or "Chicken Wings," but also more unusual dishes such as "Veal Rib Roast with Potato Gratin," "Whole Young Chicken with Anchovy-Basil Sauce" and "Cedar-Plank Salmon with Fennel-Orange Salad."

The app contains a varied range of 72 recipes, divided into four chapters: "Meat," "Poultry," "Fish & Seafood,“ and "Vegetables and Cheese." The overview page of each chapter scrolls vertically, so you can effortlessly see which recipe you want to prepare.

Besides barbecuing over direct heat, some of the recipes use barbecuing over indirect heat with the lid closed. This can be done with a kettle barbecue, for example.

The app is like a private, in-home barbecuing course, taught by an experienced barbecue master who explains the methods to you. Gorgeous photos, displayed to best advantage in high resolution on your iPad, illustrate each step.

Each recipe begins with a picture showing all the ingredients you'll use. So, you can check at a glance whether you have all the ingredients on hand for the dish.

The brief preparation instructions are clearly written and easy to understand. Together with the illustrations, they help beginners and barbecuing aficionados to keep track of the action without missing a detail. Each recipe is topped off with a picture of the completed dish, served in its optimal fashion.

Features at a glance:
- 72 barbecue recipes are enhanced with more than 600 high-resolution photos that make the most of the Retina display.
- All recipes are shown in professional step-by step photos.
- A search function makes it easy to locate dishes based on ingredients or recipes.
- Ingredient lists can be e-mailed.
- Mark your favourite recipes as favourites. Simply tap the lower-right corner of a recipe on the overview page.
- You can add your own notes to recipes, too.
- Consumer information about the ingredients is readily available. Simply tap on the ingredient.

The app continues the concept of "The Photo Cookbook – Quick & Easy," a worldwide hit.




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