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• Produced by Meitu, 5-star rated App!
• No.1 on App Store overall list for 24 days continuously.Over 170 million users around the world. Come join us!

---------Everyone has the chance to be popular---------

• Do you dream of being a cyberstar?Become a live topic! Be recommended! Draw considerable attention! Meipai is a great platform for you to show your talents;
• You don't even know that you can be a super star? Whatever your talents are, filming, funny jocks, singing and dancing, fashion collocation etc., please do upload your videos and let us know about you;
• Development program for newcomer on Meipai will help you realize your dream. With intensive exposure, you are the next super star!

---------Central hub for stars and celebrities---------

• Over many movie stars, popular singers and stunning Prince/Princess Charming are all on Meipai.Want to find out what they’ve got? Just come to Meipai!
• Different types of experts covering food, creativity, makeup and pets gather together to bring you fun liveshows and short videos;
• Pretty boys, fresh meats, goddessaholics, old-man-aholics, good-looking princes and goddesses, who is your favourite?

---------Live stream on mobile of celebrities---------

• A great many celebrities and cyberstars are all addicted to Meipai;
• Live broadcast centre gathered with the largest-ever group of funny broadcasters. 24-hour nonstop live show. More Interesting and exciting broadcasts are waiting for you as well!
• Interact with your icons by using fun gifting system! Let the coolest and cutest gifts full of the screen! Get the atmosphere up!!!

---------Instantly transform common videos into blockbusters---------

• Global pioneering MV effect. With intelligent editing and dozens of fine filters, transform common videos into blockbusters in an instant;
• Retouching effect in videos. Perfect retouching and real-time skin enhancement will make you look super attractive;
• Music for videos. Play lip synchronization with music, release your hidden talent of directing and singing;
• Exclusive "photo-filming" function, easily turn your photos into a well-made video album.




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