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The magical short video filming tool with the coolest video effects!
A beloved five-star product from Meitu, Inc.!
Join billions of others having the time of their lives on Meipai!

Meipai Short Video: Love my life, love Meipai

Find your favorite dances—
Love the hip-hop spirit? Or is Kpop more your thing?
Do you enjoy watching others dance? Or would you rather wow the audience with your moves?
Get Meipai and join tons of others on the dance floor!

Find your favorite makeup styles—
Want to try out the super hip and summery tangerine makeup?
Or would you like to film a makeup tutorial video yourself, just like all those internet celebs stealing everyone's hearts?
Get Meipai and join countless makeup-lovers like you!

Find your favorite dishes—
Do you envy those internet celebs who try out delicacies all across the world?
Are you a foodie yourself, or a chef who can't wait to show the world your creations?
Get Meipai and join heaps of food-lovers just like you!

Find your favorite idols—
Is looking at cute boys-next-door your guilty pleasure?
Or maybe adorable anime-style girls are more your type?
Get Meipai and go on a hunt for the next top idol in your heart!
What do you love? Pets? Fashion? Comedy? Celebrities? Games? Sports?

Find them all, right here on Meipai short video!
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