TrackMan Camera

開発: TrackMan A/S

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  • バージョン:2.4.3
  • 2014-03-20リリース


Take full advantage of your wireless TrackMan radar and TrackMan software with external Wi-Fi camera support. The TrackMan Camera app allows for up to 6 camera angles to be recorded simultaneously. The recorded video is automatically trimmed, transfered, and imported into the software.

The TrackMan Camera app has multiple recording modes:

1. Full screen (16:9) to capture all the details
2. Square to reduce file size and optimize fit
3. Switch High Quality setting off to increase video transfer speed
4. Toggle between frame rates ranging from real time to slow motion*
5. Switch fast shutter mode on to minimize shaft blurring in low light conditions**

TPS version 3.1+ also features manually triggered recordings (e.g. practice swing). Manual recordings can be triggered directly from this app. All connected cameras will record simultaneously when recording is triggered.

* Available frame rates depends on your iOS device. Only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is currently capable of recording 240 fps, iphone 5s and iPad Air 2 can record 120 fps.

** Fast shutter mode only available on devices with iOS version 8.0 and later.




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