EZ Wins for Pick 3 Lotto.

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Do you feel lucky today ? Well, with EZ Wins you will soon ask," what's LUCK got to do with it ?" the reason why, is because you will soon start winning Pick 3 boxed hits with this App.

How does it work ? you simply enter your last 7 draws and the App then displays 10 new sets to play from 3 to 7 days, if you see no hits by the 7th day, you just stop, wait for 3 days and repeat the process again.

I also need to mention that this works regardless where you live, if there is a Pick 3 lottery in your state or country, it will work as well and give you the best numbers to play.

These are not some random numbers, they are generated following a pattern in the sets entered. So do not be surprised when you start winning with EZ Wins.

If your goal is to win the big lottery games like the MegaMillions, Pick 5 or Powerball, the process is simple, just go to:

These Lotto systems work for Illinois, Georgia, New York, California, any state and any country.

A little advice, if you want to win more often just like at the casino, when gambling make it like work, take it seriously, the reason is, if you take something seriously, you will be more into it and focused more on winning.

The Pick 3 lottery is a fun game to play in any state and this App which is based on a system makes it fun, as i mentioned above, these are not random numbers, there is a pattern and this is a good Picker.

All you need is the 7 last draws and the App will display the best sets to play.
You can check the last Lotto results from ilotto, ilotteryca, on any site, write them down and enter in the App.

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The name says it all, EZ Wins...Today's your lucky day !


La loterie est basée sur des lois mathématiques précises, et l'application EZ Wins est une idée géniale qui vous permettra de générer des numéros à jouer à votre loterie à 3 et à 4 chiffres. Les séquences ne sont pas aléatoires, mais sont basées sur des formules mathématiques très précises, qui vous permettront de gagner en désordre ou en ordre, quand le bon moment arrive. Vous entrez vos 7 derniers tirages et l'application fait le reste.

Vous êtes sérieux concernant les jeux ? visitez ces sites suivants:


La lotería se basa en leyes matemáticas precisas, y la aplicación EZ gana es una gran idea que le permitirá generar números para jugar sus números de la lotería 3 y 4. Las secuencias no son al azar, sino que se basan en fórmulas matemáticas muy específicas, lo que permitirá aumentar o desorden en orden, cuando llegue el momento adecuado. Usted entra a su último 7 empates y la aplicación hará el resto.

¿Hablas en serio acerca de los juegos? visite los siguientes sitios:


彩票是基于精确的数学规律,应用EZ WINS是一个伟大的想法,让你产生号码打你的彩票号码3和4。该序列不是随机的,而是基于非常具体的数学公式,这将让你增加或紊乱,从而,当合适的时机来了。你输入你的最后7平的应用没有休息。




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