Moo Said Morris

開発: Digital Leaf

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  • バージョン:1.1
  • 2014-02-10リリース


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Morris is a little bit…different. While all the other mice say ‘Squeak!’, Morris says, ‘Baa!” like a sheep and ‘Neigh!’ like a horse. His repertoire of animals sounds is truly impressive but the other mice don’t agree. Till one day a ginger cat comes to visit and Morris’s noises turn out to be very useful indeed…

Moo! Said Morris a whole lot of interactive, farmyard fun that will have young children and adults squealing with delight.

* Features a recording studio where children can moo, bark, trumpet and hoot themselves silly and hear their own sounds play back in the story too!


-A heroic story with a powerful message for young minds!
-Simple interface for young children’s ease of use.
-Interactivity on almost every page – things to move and noises to make.
-Original music, SFX and narration throughout.
-Optimised for retina display
-Surprising animations that will delight young readers.
-Find the cheeses hidden in the story
-Record all your own animal sounds!
-Lots of humour that everyone will enjoy – mums and dads included


-Touch the animals and hear the sounds they make!
-Tap on the mice playing and make them throw the tomato!
-Tap on Morris in the doctor’s surgery and make him say ‘Aghhhhh’.
-Make the scary ginger cat shriek ‘Meow!!’
-Join the celebrations by helping throw Morris in the air!
-Find all the cheeses hidden in the story!
-Tap on Morris and make him bark!
-Record your own animals sounds and hear them play back in the story!


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Recommended ages: 3-7