AirComix Free+

開発: heebaek choi

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  • バージョン:5.01
  • 2014-01-28リリース


Now, with AirComix you can enjoy your own comics anytime anywhere!
AirComix is the best comic viewer app that you can enjoy for free.
With AirComix:
** You never need to move/save the comics files to your phone every single time.
- You can enjoy your own comics on any smart devices from your PC or MAC (through the network) anytime.

** Its viewer that specialised to enjoy comic books.
- Through AirComix you can enjoy compressed files without any process, and it even has an option that shows two pages in a screen.

Its a time to transform your iphone/iPad to most fun & adventurous comicbook.

** The fantastic functions of AirComix **

1. variety of compressed file options.( Zip, Rar supported)
2. AirComix is supported with Dropbox & Google Drive & Box & WebDAV & FTP Server.
3. you can enjoy comics through USB or Network download.
4. single / double page options
5. easy to convert the direction of the paging.
6. automatic saving of the last read page funtion with thumbnail image
7. clear screen image through image filtering
8. easy to lock/unlock the screen
9. easy to change brightness
10. PIN number service : changed IP or port number wouldn't be a matter to log in the service.




  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング