Infinite Storm 2

開発: Adam Ware

  • 価格:240JPY
  • バージョン:1.6
  • 2014-01-08リリース


* Infinite Storm Gets Even BETTER! *
Infinite Storm 2 gives you a constant storm to help you sleep, study, relax or provide you a way to hide your tinnitus and let you rest!

Be the master of your storm by adjusting and customizing all the storm sounds, including thunder, rain on a tin roof or by adding one of several different sound layers

Also perfect for dock or next you your bed! Comes with a time display on the screen. The audio also works when locked or app is closed! You can also control the volume of the storm so it doesn't over power your music (which you can play at the same time!)

With the great sound quality taken from the Original Infinite Storm with a whole new generation of sounds to help you relax.

New Features include:
* New Faster Native Interface.
* Preset Sounds make it easy to start a storm.
* Smart stop timer adjustable from a few mins to hours.
* Matrix Sounds included (perfect synth generated sounds to help you relax).
* Animated rainy backgrounds that you can change.
* Hundreds of sound combinations to create your perfect storm.




  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング


  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング


  • iPhoneランキング
  • iPadランキング