Bike Gear Ratios - Calc Speed,Cadence,Development

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  • 2015-08-13リリース


A comprehensive app for all your bicycle gearing needs.

The Bike Gear Ratios app provides tables for calculating Gear Ratio, Gear Inches, Development, Cadence at Speed and Speed at Cadence when comparing different Chainring and Cog combinations for your multi speed or single speed bike, taking into account a specific wheel size. It also includes unit conversions between US/UK units and Metric units.

Useful for:
• Making a decision on what Chainring/Cog combination is right for your riding needs (e.g. gears that are better suited for riding around town compared to racing, or gears that are better suited for a flat route compared to a route that has large hills).
• Getting a better understanding of how different gearing effects your real-world riding experience (e.g. what cadence do you need to achieve to get to a certain speed, with a particular gear setup?).
• Converting units of measurement.

Search Function
• Scroll up within a data table to reveal the search box.

Unit Conversion Increments & Accuracy
• Tap the bottom bar buttons to choose alternative increments (e.g. Miles: 1, 1/2, or 1/4).
• The table defaults to the largest increment available.

Broad Categories
• Gear Ratios
• Gear Inches
• Development (m)
• Development (ft)
• Cadence at Speed (mph)
• Cadence at Speed (km/h)
• Speed at Cadence (mph)
• Speed at Cadence (km/h)
• Measurement Unit Conversion

Specific Units Included
• Inches, Millimeters
• Feet, Meters
• Miles per Hour, Kilometers per Hour

Universal App
This means you only need to buy it once to be able to install it on all your devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).

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