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  • 2013-12-20リリース


Now you can get all your Morrisons favourites delivered straight to your door through your iPhone or iPad.

Our app's packed with loads of clever features to help make shopping quick and easy.

• Log in with your Facebook account – that’s one less password to remember.
• Stay synced with - start an order on your computer and complete it on the app - or vice versa.
• One-Click top-up - add a product (or even a whole basket) to a checked out delivery – in one touch of a button
• Scan your favourite products – use the handy barcode scanner to add items to your shop.
• Shop offline - All of our products are stored on your phone, so you can keep shopping when you lose signal. As soon as your connection is back, your order will update automatically.
• Instant Shop – creates a typical order for you, based on your recent deliveries.
• Search for your whole shopping list at once - The handy jotter tool is a notepad and search engine rolled into one.

The Morrisons delivery service is rolling out rapidly, and we plan to extend it into the following areas in 2014:

• Early 2014 - Warwickshire, West Yorkshire
• Mid 2014 – London, South Yorkshire
• End 2014 – The North West



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