Wuhoo Calorie - Log Food Calorie

開発: Jiang Dan

  • 価格:600JPY
  • バージョン:1.2.0
  • 2014-03-21リリース


Why should I care about calorie?

Calorie is a common unit of food energy. One reason cause obesity is eating food with lots of calorie. So better know your food calorie. To be healthy.

How to control daily energy intake?

There is a way to calculate recommended daily intake through your gender, age and weight. So if you know your food calorie, you can control daily energy intake.

What the app can do?

View food or exercise calorie.
View food or exercise photo.
View food nutrition facts.
Browse foods or exercises through different categories.
Browse foods or exercises through different brands.
Search foods or exercises through name.
After setup gender, age and weight. App can automatically calculate recommended daily intake.
Tap “Search” to search foods or exercises to add log. Tap “Browse” to browse categories or brands to add log.
Calorie today widget.

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