WinBid Schedule

開発: SafiSoft

  • 価格:29.99USD
  • バージョン:1.3.7
  • 2013-12-12リリース


WinBid Schedule is the all-around schedule and trip organizer for airline crews. It is the iPad equivalent to WinBid Schedule for Windows.

** Supports ONLY the following airlines **:
- AA Pilots and flight attendants - all crew bases, aircraft

- Contact developer to add your airline

• Pairing times are in crew base local time. No need to calculate timezones
• Download entire line and pairing packages for your aircraft and crew base in seconds
• Select a line as your own awarded line and pairings, where crew names, notes, departure/arrival gates and passenger loads can be permanently saved
• Browse lines and pairings
• Automatically add passenger loads and depart/arrival gates to your pairings
• Filter pairings that match your parameters
• Logbook feature to maintain a legal logbook with instant totals for recency (including FAR 117 reporting)
• Seed logbook legs with your pairings (only make minor changes for actual time etc.)
• Import logbook from Little Red Book from WinBid (Windows)
• Import personal and split pairings from WinBid (Mac/Windows)
• Easy setup – nothing else needed (stand-alone, WinBid desktop not required)
• Scheduled pairings shared with WinBid Mac, WinBid 8 for Windows, WinBid Pairings 2 for iPhone, and WinBid Schedule (Mac and Windows)
• Logbook shared with WinBid Pairings 2, WinBid Logbook on Mac as well as WinBid Logbook iPhone, and Windows
• No charge for monthly downloads. No recurring fees.
• Print fully formatted color pairings
• Send pairings in email as fully formatted color attachments
• Personal color theme selection
• Personal calendar event color options
• Prepares trip and monthly FFDO activity reports



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  • iPadランキング