Visitor Log Book

開発: Laurent Butre

  • 価格:120JPY
  • バージョン:1.6.1
  • 2014-01-10リリース


Visitor Log Book.

Simple and Efficient guest sign in register.
Register your visitors from any iPad.
Directly send email to the selected visited party.
Use this register to log your visitors in your facility.
inApp purchased features available (HSE disclaimer, Silent email, Export data).

Functional Features:
Sign IN a visitor
- Disclaimer or HSE acceptation (inApp purchase option)
- Info Captured: Name, Company, Purpose of the visit, Visited party, Time. (Company and Purpose can be hidden)
- Capture Photo: Person or ID (optional)
- Email notification verbose (optional)
- Silent Email notification (inApp purchased option)
Sign OUT a visitor
- Capture Time
- Possibility to display or not visitor's company name on the sign out screen (optional)

Administrative Features:
- Customized background
- Customized Logo (or simply remove it)
- Customized Welcome string
- Customized font color
- Customized HSE or Disclaimer - picture for your photo library, best size : 2048x1536 (landscape) or 1536x2048 (portrait)
- Customize visit purpose list items
- Rename Company field
- Make Company field optional
- Customize company field name & display
- Customize company example name.
- Enable/Disable HSE/Disclaimer step
- Enable/Disable photo capturing step
- Enforce or not the photo capturing step
- Enable/Disable auto sign out at midnight
- Enable/Disable Visit Purpose entry
- Enable/Disable Host selection entry
- Hide/Unhide Setup icon from front page
- Select Front/Back camera by default
- Filter local address book contacts (Visited population)
- Export database to Excel file format (inApp purchased option)
- Purge database