The Bedtime Express : The bedtime story that changes every night!

開発: Unit11

  • 価格:240JPY
  • バージョン:2.1
  • 2013-12-10リリース


"The Bedtime Express by Unit11 is a stunning and delightful app for your kids at bedtime! The perfect app to create a relaxing time and help your kids to go to bed!"

"This app has delightful illustrations, animation and calming narration. Beautifully done!" 5/5 Reading Buddies

Board the "Bedtime Express" for the perfect animated bedtime story. Meet the unusual passengers on their way home at the end of the day and visit them in their homes to say goodnight.

Each night, the train stops at different locations and picks up different passengers. One night you could be making Badger a hot chocolate and playing "I-Spy" with the fox family. The next night, you could be helping the Mouse family find their lost tickets and waking a sleeping Polar Bear!

Once you have stamped all the passengers' tickets, the train pulls into the last station and you are taken to each of the passengers' homes to put them to bed. To send them off to sleep, you'll need to do things like switching off lights, closing curtains or lighting a log fire.

Children will love meeting the adorable characters and helping them on their journey.

There are 6 different groups of passengers, from meerkats to polar bears, and 5 different locations to visit, from the city to the arctic.

The story is packed with highly detailed illustration and animation and the gentle pace of the story provides a calm atmosphere at bedtime.

Climb aboard the Bedtime Express and discover who has boarded the train tonight! |



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