BalancePro for Shop Balancing

開発: GTI Spindle Technology, Inc.

  • 価格:34800JPY
  • バージョン:2.13
  • 2013-05-20リリース


BalancePro is a technical tool to assist the in-shop single and two-plane high precision horizontal rotor balancing procedure. A full accelerometer, phase sensor and DAQ box is needed for vibration readings. (inquire at GTI Predictive Technology)

- Single-Plane Balancing
- Two-Plane Balancing
- Correction Weight Calculations and Trim Weight adjustments
- 1X Filtered Vibration Measurement in ips, mm/sec or mils
- Phase measurement
- RPM measurement
- Vibration Spectrum with automatic 1X marker
- Vector Plot with real-time amplitude-phase marker
- Overall Vibration Measurement
- Select between oz-inch or gr-mm Weight-Radius units
- Clockwise and Counter-clockwise selector
- Residual Imbalance Calibrator
- Permissible Residual Imbalance selector using ISO-1940 Balancing Quality Grades
- E-mail report
- Help in PDF format