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開発: Aaron Kwok

  • 価格:240JPY
  • バージョン:3.0
  • 2013-04-29リリース


Stickers - Use Animated Stickers in your WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Instagram, WeChat, Line, Tumblr, GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Messages, QQ, Mail, Twitter, Facebook...

- Adong, Ali, Alpaca, Baby Cat, Bacon, Bad Cat, Banana, Bananana, Beaver, Beni, Black Eye Cat, Bobo, Bubble Dog, Bubbly Chatter, Bun, C Brother, Chewyhams, Chicken, Clever Cat, Clever Dog, Cock, Copy Cat, Crab, Deer Din Cat, Dov, Dragon, Soft, Eating Pig, Elfer, Elise, Emma, Faceless, Fang, Firewoods, Football, Frog, Grandma, Gulu, Hami Cat, Happy, Happy Dog, Hero Cat, Hotdog, Jimi Jin & Roll, Jojo Too, Jonny Kaka, Kick Dog, KusoBuggie, Kyodori Kun, Larva, Luo, Maid, Meat, Men Dog, Meow Cat, Molang, Momo, Monkey, Mon Mon, Moo Dog, Moon Dog, Mooncake Cat, Mr Baid, Mr Frog, Office Fm, Oli Doggie Dog, Onion, Orange Man, Pink Hair Cat, Probiotice, Puff Cat, Pure, Raccoon, Rage Comic, Roll, Rural Dog, Sheep, Shen Dog, Small Jaw, Stick Cat, Sweet Cat, Thinking, Tired Cat, Turkish, Turtle, Unicorn, Waffle, Wood Cat, Wuli Cat, Xiao, Xin Ba Dog, X'mas, Yellow & Yi Lu Dog...

User Guide:

1. Start up the app "Stickers"

2. Choose one picture for the category you like

3. Choose any animation you want

4. Press "Messages" button

5. SMS function will be automatically started up

6. Find a recipient who has activated the function of iMessage

7. Ensure wording "iMessage" is shown in content bar
8. Tab content bar once

9. Select "Paste" to paste the saved animation

10. Press "Send" button

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  • iPhoneランキング
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