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Essential Clinical Practice Toolkit On-The-Go!

The FREE MIMS app for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad delivers critical prescribing information, medical news and CME articles as well as clinical calculators essential to physicians’ daily practice needs.

With MIMS available across multiple platforms and devices, you can now easily and conveniently find the most up-to-date and relevant clinical practice information you need anytime, anywhere.
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This version requires at least iOS 6.1.


Key Features & Benefits:

Drug Information – Physicians can improve patient outcomes through safe and effective use of medication at every point of care, MIMS provides physician with both concise and comprehensive drug prescribing information- in a quick-access mobile format. The drug information is independently prepared by in-house professional editorial staff and is based on locally approved prescribing information. The editorial team adheres to a rigorous, structured editorial work process dedicated to quality, accuracy and currency of drug information.

Disease Resource Centres - Connecting you to the latest medical advancements for better decision-making with all the information you need to better treat your patients

Medical Calculators – Developed and validated by a specialist editorial team of doctors and pharmacists, MIMS is also equipped with important clinical calculators­ and scoring tools useful for healthcare professionals in their clinical practice. Incorporating fast data input as well as instantaneous and clear clinical recommendations.

News & CME - Keep abreast with medical news and updates in Asia through our renowned publications (MIMS Doctor, MIMS JPOG, MIMS Oncology, MIMS Pharmacy and many more) anytime and anywhere.

MIMS Videos Series - Featuring video interviews of leading medical experts from various specialties, focusing on treatment options, disease management, latest updates and many more!



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