Asian Cuisines - Simple and Healthy Asian Recipes

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Grace your dinner plate with over 90 tasty, easy, authentic Asian meals from Korea, Japan, China and Thailand.

All Recipes from with step-by-step photo instructions for all your elegant meal planning and cooking!

Fulfill your Asian food fantasy without the fancy restaurant, and treat your body to something fresh and healthy in the process.  Asian Cuisines lets you browse the best Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand have to offer at the dinner table in an easy to navigate, beautifully photo-illustrated format.  And skip the greasy take-out blues, too; recipes ideal for special diets (vegetarian, high-fiber, low fat, etc.) are clearly marked.

Crystal clear instructions and exact measurements mean your dishes can compete with the best Asian chefs, regardless of what continent you hail from.  From stone-grilled rice and unbelievably sushi to vibrant veggie combinations with authentic seasonings, Asian Cuisines offers something for everyone. 

*** FEATURES ***

▷ Over 90 recipes for every occasion are available: 
Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party, want an Asian selection of snacks for a small get together, or looking for an exotic twist on your own personal lunch, Asian Cuisines can help!

▷ Step-by-step Photo & Text Instructions:
Beautiful photos accompany the recipe listings and recipes themselves—not sure what you’re in the mood for? You’ll know it when you see it!

▷ Easy to Use:
Navigation is efficient and intuitive, making your Asian food adventure hassle-free

▷ Shopping Lists:
The integrated shopping list keeps careful track of your culinary components.

▷ Need to set a kitchen timer?
Access a quick and easy alarm without even leaving the recipe page! Or, set a reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget to pick up that fresh asparagus on your way past the farm market!

▷ Social Features:
Planning lunch with friends, and want to make sure everyone’s on the same page when it comes to spices? Email recipes without exiting the app!

▷ Filter between Diets:
Not only are recipes marked with easy to note icons for low-sodium, vegetarian dishes, low fat, and high fiber content—you can also filter cuisines to see only the recipes that meet your requirements.  Skip right past the meat dishes if it’s a vegetarian get together, or don’t tempt yourself if you’re watching your waistline! Asian Cuisines makes it easy.

▷ Simple Tracking:
Did one (or two or more!) recipes knock your socks off, and you want to keep track of them? Mark them as favorites and have a handy shortcut to find them again.

▷ Active Online Community:
Each tried-and-true recipe was especially chosen from one of Asia’s most active and vital online recipe communities,



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