Axis StarPlayerHD

開発: Axissoft

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  • 2013-02-13リリース


Axissoft Mobile StarPlayer has been developed for supporting the MP4 content playback.
StarPlayer is the player that can be used for mobile video content playback.
Now, You can play any MP4 contents on your computer, cafe as well as subway at anytime, anywhere.

The contents of each folder can be managed by the content manager very easily.
StarPlayer supports the screen brightness adjustment and RWD/FWD by using gestures.
In addition, StarPlayer supports the bookmark, speed control, display aspect ratio, rotation lock and A-B repeat features.

- Support features -
1. Speed ​​control : 0.6x ~ 2.0x
2. Display aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9, fullscreen
3. Brightness change of the screen by using gestures
4. Rewind, fast forward of playback by using gestures
5. A- B repeat playback
6. Playlist feature of the latest downloaded content playback
7. Multiple content download
8. Bookmark : create/delete/play
9. Folder management
10. Thumbnail images
11. Bookmark thumbnail memo feature
- Procedures
(1) Play the content (MP4 or MP3)
(2) touch the bookmark button
(3) add the bookmark thumbnail image
(4) touch the bookmark edit button
(5) select the bookmark thumbnail image
(6) the bookmark memo view will be loaded
(7) write the memo
12. Support the MP4 background download ( iOS7.0 later )

- Support content format -
MP4/MP3 format playable on mobile devices content



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