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“Best Navigation App Interface” by Whitall

Like probably most sailors and boaters, I've tried a number of navigation apps. Navionics, iNavx, Plan2Nav, even Garmin. I find this one far more intuitive, and beyond easy to use - a joy to use.”

TZ App is the application that provides real time marine chart navigation free of charge. Developed using TIMEZERO technology, TZ App has been specially created for recreational sailors and sports fishing alike. With more than 95,000 users who put their trust in TIMEZERO for their trips out to sea, it is truly an internationally adored software program!

TIMEZERO technology offers a 2D/3D chart engine. Merging charts with satellite land images using PhotoFusion and the most precise marine charts thanks to the exclusive Raster format mm3d by MapMedia as well as Vector charts by C-Map. The 3D chart engine allows you to navigate your charts by zooming and investigating from 2D to 3D without any loading time. It is an App that works in real time and is ideal for accomplished sailors and sports fishermen!


Display your position in real time:
- Display the position of your boat
- Save the route of your boat
- Display the weather depending on geo-localization

Track your routes and marks:
- Create routes and marks
- Overlay information on the tides, tidal currents and satellite photos
- Save up to 50 routes with the possibility to display or mask

Create and personalize your own tool panel:
- Go to a point with the tool “Go to”
- Switch your orientation on the chart using the button “HeadUp” or “NorthUp”
- Return to the location of your boat using the button “Center”
- Go from 2D to 3D in a click
- Personalize the NavData panel: COG, SOG, Pos, Accu., CTS, NEXT, TTG, DTW, XTE, VMC, ETA, TTA, DTA, Weather

Navigate safely:
- Overlay the radar in TZ App in real time on the chart navigation. Connection to Radar Furuno DRS4W is required with the module Radar (purchase in-app)
- Display AIS targets on the chart received by an AIS receptor with the AIS module (purchase in-app)

MyFriends feature lets you share information:
- Connect with other TZ App users
- Share your position in real time
- Comment and share your position on Facebook

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