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Have you ever wanted to be a singer or a musician but didn't get a chance to express yourself?

Then "nana" would be your best friend. If you are passionate about singing or music making, we have the platform to transform you into the stars of tomorrow! Meet millions of musicians and singers just like you, make new friends and start singing with them.

Ever wondered how to play my music? "nana" will enable you that! Make your own music easily! Record your music, mix and share it with the community and friends! Promote your music, be discovered or discover a rising music star. No matter if your goal is to promote music or just to present music, nana will enable you the tools for free music promotion and the possibility to sing your own music.

With the voice recorder and the audio recorder feature, nana enables you to record your own singing and creations. The song recorder features multiple production music elements. Utilize them and record music. Show off your talents by just using your smartphone and create a fan following.

***Here's how you can enjoy nana!***
- Sing solo, acapella or collaborate with others for duet or group singing!
- Use special effects to spice up your voice even more. (Chipmunk, monster, Echo, Chorus etc.)
- Find a guitar or piano or any other instrumental track from song book for Karaoke sessions!
- Overdub to add new layers of sound to any recording in nana!
- Search for your favourite song to discover how other people have covered the original version.
- Applause or give feedback when you discover someone awesome :)!
- Share your recording on Twitter, Facebook, via Email etc with your friends.
***Some other ways to enjoy nana!***
- Use it as a voice recorder to record your original song, rap, script, etc.
- Relay it to others
- Mimic the voice of other famous artists, singers, divas, musical actors, or celebrities
- Use nana as an instant voice recorder to save your important songs or lyrics
- And more....!
Enjoy your music time in "nana"!
*FAQ & Tips:

***nana Premium (Paid Plan)***

Price: 5.49 USD (Pricing may vary in countries other than U.S.A)
Duration: 1 Month

・Amount will be charged to your iTunes account.
・Your subscription will auto-renew if you don't cancel your subscription more than 24 hours before your renewal date.
・To stop auto-renewal [Go into your device settings > Tap on iTunes & App Stores > Tap on your Apple ID at the top > View Apple ID > Tap the Manage button under Subscriptions > tap Cancel Subscription]
・Subscription can not be cancelled for current billing month.

Enjoy your music time in ""nana""!

*Please connect via Wi-Fi for the best experience.
*Available OS & Device
We support iOS 9 or above, and iPhone 4S or above. We do not guarantee the performance on other OS versions and devices. Thank you for your understanding.

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