Weight Tracker

開発: Genehome

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  • バージョン:2.0.10
  • 2012-06-22リリース


Ideal for whoever is on a diet or has just started a fitness plan and intends to lose, maintain or gain weight.

Weight Tracker is an app that allows a daily register of your weight and body fat percentage, while automatically calculating your BMI (ideal weight) so that you may track, pound by pound, the evolution of your diet.

The data supplied is analyzed and presented in visually appealing graphs, which transforms the act of losing weight into a pleasure instead of a sacrifice.

Besides including everything that a weight watching wellness app should have, Weight Tracker stands out because of its simple and intuitive interface, its trendy and appealing design… it is that extra motivation you need to stay fit!

Weight Tracker The coolest way to lose weight… will you accept the challenge?



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