Final Count. Your Event Countdown Timer

開発: Gecko LLC

  • 価格:240JPY
  • バージョン:1.63
  • 2012-05-29リリース


The Ultimate Countdown App! Now in French! Remind yourself of your most important life events using Final Count. Share timers with your friends via email integration, and view them all in beautifully rendered themes!

What could be more exciting than watching the seconds tick away until your Wedding, Birthday, Retirement, or Due Date! Final Count will keep you and your Friends informed on your most important life events!

Includes a photo-realistic Nixie Tubes theme, the NEW LED theme, the stylish pinstripe theme, and several beautifully textured paper and fabric themes! Plus, it includes 14 different sounds to choose from!

You can create you own custom background! Take your own photo, or use your favorite graphic program to include your team's logo!

Share your timers with your Friends using Facebook, Twitter, and E-Mail! Now they can share in the excitement too!

Perfect for:
* Birthdays
* Graduation
* Retirement
* Eclipse and other Celestial Events
* New Years
* Childbirth and Due Dates
* Product Launches
* Anniversaries
* Holidays: Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving, and More!
* More!!!



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