開発: HMRC

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  • 2017-06-20リリース


The HMRC app lets you quickly and securely access:
- your tax credits payments schedule
- tax code, tax estimate, income and state benefits information
- Help to Save account and savings reminders
- secure messages from HMRC

With the app it’s easy to:
- renew your tax credits
- track the forms and letters you’ve sent us
- work out take home pay, income tax and National Insurance information with our tax calculator
- get access codes to add security to personal, business and agent accounts
- set up an account – you’ll need to provide your name, National Insurance number and date of birth, and details like your passport number and salary details

You can't use the app to submit your Self Assessment, you’ll need to do that on the website.

You can only sign in to your personal tax account as an individual. You can't sign in as a business or agent.

If you’re having problems with your account that you can’t solve online, go to and search ‘contact’ to find the right helpline.



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