TarotCafe HD

開発: Unique Berry

  • 価格:2.99GBP
  • バージョン:1.0.1
  • 2012-03-19リリース


TarotCafe HD support for the new iPad's Retina display resolution.

✔ Professional Tarot Reading
- Tarot reading just like a real-life Tarot counselor would do it, enabling even beginners to divinate with ease.

✔ Shuffling Cards like a Real Human Being...
- Card shuffling, which rearranges the sequence of the cards, may seem to be the same whether an actual person does it or a computer does it randomly.

✔ Divination Records and Privacy Protection
- All of your divination results are saved and recorded. Also, because divination is a highly private activity, a passcode setting feature is provided for privacy protection.

✔ Tarot Reading for your Friends
- 'Tarot Reading(guest)' mode enables your friends to read Tarot easily as many times a day may be needed, without saving private records.

✔ A Tarot Pocketbook inside your iPhone...
- Illustrations, summarized interpretations, and upright and reverse position meanings are arranged in an easy-to-use stylized interface with the same Coverflow effect as the iPod Album Art, for easy understanding of the 78 Tarot cards.

✔ 8 Different Types of Tarot Reading
Celtic Cross, Love & Romance, Today's Fortune, Money & Finance, Choosing Between Two…




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