Bragging Dice - Nightclub Game

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  • バージョン:1.3.5
  • 2012-05-10リリース


Liars Dice now returns in this iPhone version!
As one of the classic casual games played at dinner tables, cocktail parties, KTVs and clubs, Liars Dice is extremely popular for its entertaining and brain-training features.
Keen players may worry that they cannot play it anytime, anywhere as dices and cups are required in the game. Now they can worry no more! With our “Liars Dice”, you can turn your iPhone to a cup right away and enjoy the game with your friends!
No dices. No cups. Just bring along your iPhone and turn it into a cup and indulge yourself in the frivolity with your pals like you are partying!
In the game, players’ abilities to deceive and detect deception are tested as they are encouraged to bluff with the purpose of misleading other players and detect their bluffs simultaneously. It is in such battles of wits that pleasure is bound to be experienced.

Game Descriptions:
Single Player Mode may be installed and played for free if each of you and your pals are equipped with an iPhone or iPad.
Two or Three Players Mode may be employed when up to three players can play on one iPhone or iPad.
Most of the commands in the game can be given by gestures, which facilitates a realistic game experience. You may also want to explore more on the matter not with clicking but rolling and dragging.
The game also has a function of preventing cheating. When you finish rolling the dice, the dice cup can automatically close to preventing other players peeping. If the players have forgotten the points, just to simply click the gold piece, then the dice cup can open to check the second time!

How it’s Played:
Each player is given one cup and five dices in the beginning of the game. After the order of their seats is determined, players shake their phones to roll the dices. When they finish shaking, each player looks at his/her own dices while guessing about the number of other players’ dices. The first player now begins to bid by choosing a face as well as a quantity referring to how many of the chosen face are rolled in total on the table. The player who makes the right choice or successfully challenges a previous bid wins the game.

Standard Rules:
Biding starts with the choice by the first player of a quantity, increasing from one, and a face, ranging from 1 to 6. For example, when a player bids by claiming three 4s, another player may challenge the bid and reveal all dices. If the bid is valid, the bidder wins the game. If not, the challenger wins. Alternatively, other players may choose to raise the bid, which means making another bid with either a larger quantity or a larger face number or both. This goes repeatedly until a challenger emerges and reveals the bids, hence the game settled.

A Variant:
When the face of 1 stays unused, it goes wild during the rest of the game as the joker counting as any face number currently being bid. For example, when there are one 5, three 4s and two 1s, the bidding of three 5s and five 4s are both considered valid.

Deceptive strategies should be employed to mislead and confuse your opponents, from which the name “Liars Dice” derived. Feeding your opponents with false information by bluffing and make true bids according to your dices is the dynamic of the game. Being unpredictable makes you unbeatable!

So what else are you waiting for? Take out your phones and download “Liars Dice”. Experience the heat of the game with your friends!
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