開発: SafiSoft

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  • バージョン:1.4.8
  • 2012-01-28リリース


e.Halo is for airline employees, their dependents, and travel guests. It provides direct and automated access into the online non-rev system. If you’ve used our Halo program on your desktop computer, you know how great e.Halo will be on your iPad.

Contact the developer for information on supported airlines.

In Interactive mode, e.Halo will connect to the non-rev system in seconds, where you can interact with the system like you do from your desktop computer. e.Halo remembers your logon information.

Gofers are e.Halo’s way of automatically retrieving information from the remote non-rev system. Multiple Gofers can be configured and then processed at one time. The results are then saved off-line. The results can also be emailed or printed. One button press and e.Halo will automatically connect and update previous Gofer results to the latest information.



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