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Read a trip - travel is the best way to enjoy life, release work pressure. In recent years, foreign tourism has gradually become the mainstream travel, more and more people want to see the outside world, but because of Chinese language environment is different from European and American, many people can not reach the level of "blurted out". "Abroad Tour English" will be able to solve your problem, which includes ten chapters, ranging from arriving in USA, Shopping, Air travel, Asking Directions, Medical, includes almost every aspect of travel, so you no longer "there is unspeakable!"

[Software Features]
* New built 50,000 word dictionary, support long pressing to search word.
* Powerful playback mode, support normal play, loop all, single loop, Loop and Interval. Support 5 kinds Speed setting.
* Display synchronization content with large text or list, support full-screen in playing.
* All features are free, such as practice, Exam, etc.

[Software Content]
1. textbook listen
(1) Display synchronous text with English or Bilingual.
(2) support user select lessons or sentences for listening.
(3) player interface supports simultaneous display using large font text or list mode . Support for full-screen mode.
(4) support normal playback, a single sentence loop (2.10 times), curriculum loop, user list loop, loop & Interval play mode .
(5) supports five Speed setting.
(6) supports playback screen remains bright, no lock screen.
(7) support long press to look up a word in dictionary.
(8) player interface supports three background setting : white, black or neutral color
(9) support set automatically stop playing time for bedtime listening.
(10) supports background playback.

2. a training practice
(1) Listen and fill in the blanks. 1-3 words according to the recording.
(2) A training practice can be generated from all lessons or a single, also can be generated from my errors.
(3) When the answer is displayed, along with the word annotation
(4) After displaying the answer, support long press to look up a word in dictionary.

3. Exam
(1) Exam questions are listening to recordings fill in the blank. The question can be generated from lessons or my errors. Number of questions is optional.
(2) support the previous Exam redone .
(3) support the previous Exam records view and management .
(4) After the Exam, support long press to look up a word in dictionary .

4. My errors
(1) Automatically generated wrong in training practice or Exam
(2) support the errors redo

5. textbook content view
(1) Display textbook content by lessons or user's picker
(2) support a single sentence and similar phrases display, playback, sharing

6. built-in 50,000 word dictionary
(1) provide built-in dictionary, including phonetic and Chinese comments
(2) supports extended dictionary

7. learning logs
(1) Automatically generated learning logs.
(2) the first " learning log calendar," according to setting of daily learning time, whether learning within a month at a glance.

8. Daily sentence
(1) We publish a sentence each day on weibo and WeChat, such as maxim, epigram, famous celebrities, etc.

[Software Content]
1.Arrival in the U.S.A.
2.From the Airport to the City
3.At the Hotel
(1)Checking In at the Hotel
(2)Having a Bellboy Help You
(3)Room Service
(4)At a Restaurant and a Coffee Shop
(5)At the Front Desk
(6)At the Cashier
(7)Making Telephone Calls
(8)Valet Service
(9)Checking Out
4.Air Travel
(1)Buying Tickets and Making Reservations
(2)Reconfirming Reservations
(3)Changing Reservations
(4)At the City Terminal
(5)Checking In at the Airport
(6)On the Plane
5.Surface Transportation
(1)At the Train Station
(2)On the Train
(3)The Dining Car
(4)Arriving at Your Destination
(1)At the Travel Agent
(2)At the Rent-a-Car Office
7.In the City
(1)At a Restaurant
(2)At the Bar
(3)At the Night Club
(7)At the Post Office
9.Asking Directions
10.Medical Care




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