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  • バージョン:4.1
  • 2011-08-11リリース


FootBook is a reference for more than 100 different feet and accessories for Janome sewing machines having a stitch width of 7mm or 9mm. The app includes photos and text describing each foot and explains how to use it. Each foot or accessory also has a high resolution video demonstrating its use. If you have a Janome machine with a top-load, drop-in bobbin, 7mm or 9mm stitch width, FootBook is the reference for you. If your machine requires the bobbins to go in a case behind a door in the front of the machine, then FootBook is NOT for you. If you have a machine made by Janome, but branded as Kenmore, New Home, or Elna, and it has a top-loading bobbin, then the featured feet should work for you, especially if your machine is computerized. Note that part numbers may not be correct if your machine is not branded as Janome.



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