Darts Checkout Calculator

開発: Essence Computing

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  • バージョン:1.4
  • 2011-02-03リリース


Do you struggle trying to remember the checkouts for various numbers in darts? I know I do. What are the various checkouts that are possible? When are there no checkouts possible. It is all made more difficult when you only have one or two darts left. Is there a checkout and you just cannot see it. Some are very obscure. There are literally tens of thousands of combinations for the checkout from 170 down to 2. This App aims to solve these problems for you. It has a comprehensive list of all of the possible checkouts for each starting value given the number of darts involved. It will show you what checkouts are possible and when there are no checkouts possible.

All you have to do is provide the starting value, say 170, and then each value scored. The starting value is adjusted for each dart entered. When you score reaches the point where outs are possible then the table starts showing you all possible outs. As you enter dart values the list of outs will change.

First enter your starting value in the green field at the top of the screen. The keyboard will be shown and you can enter any value you want. If there are outs for that value then they will be shown in the table. At the top of the table it will inform you of the number of outs that there are.

At the bottom of the screen are three fields that are used to enter the values for the three darts. Select the appropriate field and using the keyboard enter the value scored. So, if you hit treble 17 then enter 51. This value will be subtracted from the score at the top and the outs table will be updated to reflect the new possible outs.

If you enter the value for the first dart then the table will change to show all possible outs for the new value using 2 darts.
If you enter the value for the second dart then the table will change to show all possible outs for the new value using 1 dart.
When you enter the third dart's value the score is updated and the table is changed to show all possible outs using three darts. The values for the darts are reset back to zero so that you can score another set of three darts.

As you enter dart information the background for that dart changes to green to show it has been entered.

Don't forget to enter zero for a dart if that is what was scored.



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