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【game features】
1- qualifying: fair competition, strength witness.
2- Hot group battle: Easily team up, open the group at any time, you are not alone in the fight.
3-identity mode: 5 people / 8 people field, the main loyalty and internal random play.
4-national war mode: Wei Wei Wu Qun, the two will cooperate and fight for the country.
5- Smooth single machine: no need to flow, kill anytime, anywhere!
6-Exclusive military commander: Lingbi, Zhugeguo, Liuzan, Cao Rui... Mobile phone exclusive enjoy!
7-Official system: set military commander, leather clothing promotion rank, lead the weekly reward!
8- Live viewing: The anchor is zero distance and the interaction is more convenient.
9-Trade union system: comrades-in-arms gather to build the strongest guild.
10-Dynamic skin: Dynamic skin, visual upgrade.

[Automatically subscribe to the bank]
1- Subscribe to Qianzhuang Benefits: You can get 4,500 ingots on the first day, and then get 200 ingots per day for a total of 10,500 ingots.
2- Subscription period: 1 month
3- Subscription price: subject to the iAP application information, for example, the continuous monthly product is 68 yuan per month.
4- Payment: The user confirms the purchase and payment and then credits it to the iTunes account.
5- Cancel Renewal: To cancel renewal, please turn off auto-renewal in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Management 24 hours before the current subscription period expires.
6- Subscription Management: Subscriptions can be managed by the user. After purchase, you can freely close the renewal in the account settings.
7- Renewal: Apple's iTunes account will be charged within 24 hours before expiration. After the deduction is successful, the subscription period will be extended by one subscription period.
8- Automatic subscription to the Bank User Agreement:
9- Privacy Agreement:
10-User Agreement:

【Event Special】
1-Special game: The accumulated points of the battle, the punching list to take the physical prize.
2- Drive ghosts and evil spirits: 3 people team to play BOSS, rich rewards waiting for you to take.
3-Guardian Pavilion: 4V4 Wei Wei hegemony, real + intelligent AI battle.
4-Happy 1v1: Easy 1 to 1, won the gold ticket.
5-Happy Landlord: The Lord's public warfare double thief, massive gold tickets waiting for you to take.

【voice control benefits】
The first-line seiyuu in the country, for each military commander to create lines and sounds, is like visiting the battlefield of the Three Kingdoms!
* Yu Ji: It seems as if the moon is light and the moon is closed, and if it is swaying, it will return to the snow.
*Sun Shangxiang: Fu Jun, the body is tight~
* Lu Xun: Modest and gentleman, Wenrun Ruyu.
*Sima Yi: Destiny, hahahaha!
* Zhou Yu: Struggling, in the blood and dark abyss!

【Artist support】
Excellent domestic painter blessing, customizing exclusive skin for military commanders.
The fabulous series of Fenghua: clear and elegant, closed moon and shame.
Determine the world series: the atmosphere is magnificent, the pen proud of the mountains and rivers.
The array of confrontation series: ingenuity and high artistic conception.

【AC feedback
Player QQ group:194900372
Customer Service Phone:+86- 0571-85209642 (9:00 - 1:00 the next day)




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