Butterflies of Britain and Ireland

開発: NatureGuides Ltd.

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  • 2009-04-07リリース


This comprehensive field guide covers all 61 regularly occurring British & Irish butterfly species. Each species entry is lavishly illustrated with superb artwork by Richard Lewington and depicts each stage of the life-cycle: adults (including variation between broods, sexes and forms), larvae/caterpillars, pupae and eggs. Photographs, charts showing flight times, detailed maps and specially commissioned text ensure this app will provide every butterfly watcher with all the information they could need.

• annotated illustrations by Richard Lewington
• comprehensive collection of still photographs including larval and pupal stages
• detailed distribution maps
• flight time charts (phenograms) showing which life stages to expect when
• compare any image side-by-side in Compare mode
• detailed reference text for every species on all aspects of its biology
• sort alphabetically or by family
• seamlessly move between species by swiping up or down on illustrations
• jump out of the app with a single tap to view coverage of the species in Chris Manley's ‘Moths of Britain & Ireland’ app, if installed

A proportion of each sale of this app is donated to Butterfly Conservation, the charity dedicated to saving butterflies, moths and their habitats –



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