Westbound dream

開発: 庄心游戏

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  • バージョン:1.1
  • 2020-02-08リリース


The mobile game "Westbound dream" of the turn type of the journey to the west is a brand new and heroic game. Let's explore the world of the journey to the West with tens of thousands of people! The west? Or occupy Huaguoshan? How to fight with immortal generals and jade emperor? All kinds of interesting plots, waiting for you to announce!
[game features]
——Visual impact
Lovely painting style, the next generation sound painting after the explosion of the main engine, all kinds of exquisite wings, artifact and mounts are waiting for you to collect!

——Free trade
Get rare equipment and props in the game. You can freely trade through the mall system to get Yuanbao and buy your favorite items.

——Struggle for hegemony
There are rich martial arts contests every day, such as fierce Gang fighting, cross server competition, world boss and team test!



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  • iPadランキング