Sudoku Natural

開発: yan li

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  • バージョン:1.0.3
  • 2020-01-08リリース


Sudoku Natural FREE puzzle game is well designed for all the levels of players who are smart in finishing the FREE Sudoku Puzzles, Sudoku Number Game comes with an Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert mode with level difficulties to get mastery solving the puzzles.

Sudoku Puzzle Hints to finish the puzzle helps solving the Game in very minimal time.

Pencil Tool helps Puzzle Solvers to note down the numbers before filling the correct number to solve the puzzle.

Erase Tool helps Sudoku Box Players to erase the number in the sudoku puzzle map.

Different natural colour theme option will activate the different coloured sudoku puzzle maps.

Auto Removing notes option minimises the time of the puzzle solver.

------Key Features-----

- 4999+ Levels
- Offline Game, No wifi required.
- Free brainteaser Sudoku Puzzles
- Pencil mode
- Best natural theme sudoku puzzle boards
- Statistics to keep track of your game performance
- You can share your progress with your friends or others
- Five perfectly balanced difficulty levels from sudoku easy to sudoku expert.
- Autofill Notes Option
- Auto-Clear Notes Option
- Auto Error-Checking Option
- Sudoku App looks great on both phones and tablets
- Most intuitive friendly scoring system
- A collection of masterfully crafted puzzles from novice to expert difficulty.
- Integrated Sudoku tutorial tool
- Selected cell highlight
- Number highlight
- Errors highlight
- Direction highlight / Highlighting
- Timer
- Clean interface and smooth controls
- Best gameplay
- Daily coin bonus
- Best gameplay



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