Battleline Tactics: PVP Fight

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  • バージョン:1.6.5
  • 2020-01-06リリース


Battleline Tactics is not your average PVP game. It stands out with its unique take on Auto Chess & Auto Battler PVP card game play. Tactics rule & you’ll need a good strategy to vanquish your opponents. Choose your Hero, design your Deck and outsmart your opponents in our turn based PVP.

CHOOSE YOUR TACTICS: Ready your tactics for your teams fight. Each battle is full of risk, rewarded choices, strategic decisions and tactical manoeuvres. Melee, ranged, tank or wizard? Buff a unit or overpower with mass - it’s up to you.

OUTWIT YOUR OPPONENTS: Manage your resources, synergize your skills and upgrade your units to turn the tides of battle to your favour.

CRAFT YOUR DECK: Collect and upgrade units to make the most powerful deck ever. Pick your Hero and fit your deck to match his unique skills and abilities.

CONQUER THE TROPHY ROAD: Earn new heroes, cards and arenas and strengthen your forces.

No need to book your auto-battler sessions in your calendar, sessions in Battleline Tactics are 3-4 minutes.

EASY TO LEARN: But hard to master. Figure out the best synergies, strategies and tactics to reach the Grand Arena.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to games like this or a veteran of CCGs and auto-battlers, Battleline Tactics will draw you in with its simple mechanics and deep metagame. Want to become Grand Arena Champion? Download and battle now!



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