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開発: Wenhua Xiao

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Just Do List - Focus On Memory

Supported languages include:["Arabic (Saudi Arabia)", "Chinese (China mainland)", "Chinese (Hong Kong)", "Chinese (Taiwan)", "Czech (Czechia)", "Danish (Denmark)", "Dutch (Belgium)", "Dutch (Netherlands)", "English (Australia)", "English (Ireland)", "English (South Africa)", "English (United Kingdom)", "English (United States)", "Finnish (Finland)", "French (Canada)", "French (France)", "German (Germany)", "Greek (Greece)", "Hebrew (Israel)", "Hindi (India)", "Hungarian (Hungary)", "Indonesian (Indonesia)", "Italian (Italy)", "Japanese (Japan)", "Korean (South Korea)", "Norwegian (Norway)", "Polish (Poland)", "Portuguese (Brazil)", "Portuguese (Portugal)", "Romanian (Romania)", "Russian (Russia)", "Slovak (Slovakia)", "Spanish (Mexico)", "Spanish (Spain)", "Swedish (Sweden)", "Thai (Thailand)", "Turkish (Turkey)"]

The speed of people's forgetting is faster and slower with the passage of time. The rate of forgetting is very fast in the initial stage of memory, and then gradually slows down. After a long time, it is almost no longer forgotten, so timely review is very important for memorizing words. This is the principle of Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve .

It is used according to the memory rule of Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. The cycle of word recitation is: day `1`, day` 2`, day `4`, day` 7` and day `15`. For example, the thesaurus is divided into `15` lists on average, and it keeps memorizing and reviewing for` 30` days, so a learning schedule is made.

--- Thesaurus ---
A demo thesaurus is used, including two versions:
* `Random Sequence Version`:Thesaurus is randomly assigned to each list
* `Original Sequence Version`:Thesaurus is assigned to each list in the order of the data source

The instructions of importing an external file: On the main view - Click on the upper left corner to enter the Setting view - `Custom Thesaurus` - Click `Import` button in the upper right corner.

--- Learning Schedule ---
By adjusting the number of `List`, the daily average words and total days are confirmed as a direct result of evenly dividing the word thesaurus. With the `Random Sequence Version`, click the `Start A New Memory Journey` button to begin to memory.

--- Custom Thesaurus ---
Support two import methods:From the glossary and From an external file

--- Sort Mode ---
Initial Alignment,A-Z,Random Scramble,Degree of Difficulty

--- Display Settings ---
Words & Definitions,Only Words,Only Definitions

--- Click Line Settings ---
1. Default Settings. Click on the word line, there is a pronunciation, the blue marker color is deepened, and ‘Degree of Difficulty’ is increased by one;
2. Click on the left half of the word line for pronunciation only; for the right half, leave the default settings;
3. Click on the right half of the word line, only the pronunciation; left half, leave the default settings;
4. Click on the word line, there is only pronunciation, the blue marker color is not darkened, and ‘Degree of Difficulty’ is not increased by one. (This is the only setting for glossary).

--- Glossary ---
1. Slide a word to the right, and click the star button to save the words to the glossary;
2. In the glossary, slide the word line to the right to delete and modify;
3. In the glossary, click `Add` in the lower right corner to manually add new words;
4. Four Sort modes:New to Old,Old to New,A - Z,Z - A.

--- Sync to iCloud ---
Including learning records, glossary and the custom thesaurus

--- Color Mode ---
Day, Night, Dark

--- Dictionary Settings ---
Built-in System Dictionary

--- Dictation Mode ---
1.Word Repetitions;
2.Word Interval;
3.Auto Play Next;
4.Support Background Play Audio.

--- Others ---
If you have any questions, please contact
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