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Thank you for your choice. We have the following commitments:

-"Permanent free": guarantee permanent free, let everyone save money, use the saved money, buy a car, a house, marry a wife, and achieve a perfect life!

-"Complete change": it's understood that everyone thinks the free ones are bad. Please give me a chance to serve you well at the fastest speed, and make sure to change your bad impression!

-"Stable update": a responsible old driver. He will update carefully and try to protect everyone. He will serve everyone to the end!

-"High quality line": I've been eating instant noodles recently. I've bought the best line with my money. No matter which Telecom, it's steady, smooth and high-speed. Let's speed up together!

-"Special period": understand that every girl will be uncomfortable for a few days. In the general environment, there will be several special periods every year. The line will be very unstable. We promise to stay up late with you in a special period to ensure the speed!

Finally, please be considerate and supportive. Thank you first. The part of advertising revenue will be used to upgrade the line and give you a better quality experience!

I love you all. If you have anything, you are welcome to send a letter and have a chat!

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