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  • バージョン:1.0.4
  • 2019-11-22リリース


Shadowrocket is an IP agent product with simple operation, stability and security, providing network acceleration service in.

【functional features】

【free】provide static IP solutions free of charge to help users create value. All lines are free, unlimited traffic and unlimited time. Build your own pure computer room, enjoy the Giga bandwidth, and master the National IP! Change the hidden IP address, one click for IP, reduce the delay of online games, speed up Web browsing, video chat without jam, and effectively improve the download speed.

【convenient】no need to configure, one click connection, because professional, so simple! The interface is simple and clear, with one key switching of stable and continuous line static IP address

【security] Shadowrocket uses 256-aes cryptography encryption to protect your network data transmission, effectively protect ARP attacks, DNS tampering and other network attacks, isolate risk WiFi, change mobile IP, no one can monitor or steal your network data, and prevent personal information disclosure.

【customer service】 the customer service of Shadowrocket for IP agent provides professional question consultation and answer, all year round.

Thank you for using the agent, thank you for your trust in the agent!