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Adapt is the revision timetable app that everyone’s talking about.

***** (41 reviews) - Trustpilot

Create your timetable in under a minute
- Full revision timetable built for you in less than a minute
- All exam dates pre-loaded

Add subjects
- Your subjects broken down into topic plans
- For all exam boards- AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC, Eduqas, CCEA, Edexcel iGCSE, CAIE)
- Over 790 courses (311 GCSEs, 257 A-Levels, 202 BTECs, 23 SQAs)

Revise the right topics
- Topics planned for you every day
- Smart algorithm re-plans any topics you don’t get done
- Rate your confidence to improve your plan

Track your progress
- Get a clear view of your progress over time

All in one place
- Add homework to your plan
- Add your school timetable
- Add custom tasks (Tidy your desk! Organise your folder!)

“Adapt provides the short, snappy revision timetable you need to motivate you to revise consistently. It takes the worry away from revision as it's so clear and I know exactly what I’m doing each day.”

“Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with how much you have to revise, but Adapt breaks it down- giving you fast revision planning, more relaxation, good tracking, and better time management.”



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