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Text Card
It's for you

you can combine different cards with text
created belongs to your unique card

You can also save them,
and share them


I am a new born child
I often like to stare out of the window alone
Listen to the wind listen to the rain listen to the birds
Listen to nature breathing
Enjoy the art of nature

Little by little
After two weeks
I become mature and interesting
I see art as part of my life
So I like the change outside the window even more

A chance
I was finally able to get out of the window
Get out of here
Looking for my true home

Before you know it
I have become a part of this nature
I love sentimentally attached

The apple trees at the gate are ripe
I climbed up and looked

So, on August 3, 2019, the App Store added another fresh fruit to the list: me. My name is "Text Card."

TEXT CARD can record words on different types of pictures or stickers to produce a unique artistic effect.

---------- "Here is your card editor, Please check" ----------

There is a worm in the tree
We became friends

You have a text that you want to decorate with pictures as postcards.
You like to write poems;
You want to share a favorite text with me;
You want to write down your mood and state;

You said you were looking,
I said, "it's me."

-------- "Text Card record moods and stories" ----------

With my heart full of blood,
Listening to any of your joys or sorrows,
Whatever you record,
Is a word, or a long talk,
I can handle them, I can accommodate them,
Be the story of your memories.

---------- "It's for you" ----------

I wandered through the window
And enjoy it out the window

I was born into art
And death as art

Born for you
Made for you

I am Text Card, a card editor for you, with a unique user experience and a new way of sharing.
Hope you like me.




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