開発: JoyPac

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  • バージョン:1.1.4
  • 2019-09-11リリース


Tofu girl, move with heart, magical rhythm, can't stop! Look at the real-time machine where tofu appears, let the girl fall steadily into the middle of the tofu, let the pile of tofu piled up higher.

[game features]
◆ fingertip cute game
Just move your fingers and get started easily. A wonderful mood and the rhythm of the girl's beating, challenge the perfect jump and higher scores!
◆ Addictive magic gameplay
Super cute animated sound, fun. Many perfect jumps, you can see the super-difficult performance of the tofu girl 180-degree rotation change.
◆ Skin collection Tofu unlock
  Use the collected gold coins to buy tofu in the tofu shop, get a new girl image, achieve the achievement to unlock the new tofu background, and experience the fun of collecting.

【Game play】
1. Tap the screen to jump and let the girl fall to the tofu
2. Perfect jump to get high scores
3. Choose the image of your favorite girl and tofu.
"Let the little girl jump on tofu easy click game!
Jump on more tofu for higher scores!

◆ description of gameplay
· let's jump on the bean curd flying over from left to right
· continuous jump in the center of the tofu will be a perfect jump
· multiple perfect jumps to improve scores
· aim for higher targets and jump!

Image in pieces
· you can buy tofu with the gold COINS obtained by the perfect jump
· buy tofu to acquire new characters



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